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Hummingbird Feeders

Vintage Hummingbird Bird Feeder      Vintage Hummingbird Bird Feeder
(Item #850150

This Vintage Hummingbird Bird Feeder offers a classically-styled bird feeder for your backyard. It features 4 perch stations to help draw more birds to it. The clear, glass container can be filled with 10 oz. of nectar to attract hummingbirds. Simply hang this bird feeder in your backyard garden and watch beautiful hummingbirds fly to it.
Price:  US$26.99 
Vintage Hummingbird Bird Feeder
Antique-Bottle Hummingbird Bird Feeder      Antique-Bottle Hummingbird Bird Feeder
(Item #850246)

An elegant anitique glass bottle with a 10 ounce capacity. Hummingbirds love these feeders and it has four flowering ports for easy feeding. Has a metal hanger for easy hanging. Hang feeder on your porch, in the yard or anywhere to enjoy the wonderous sight of the hummingbird.
Price:  US$22.99 
Antique-Bottle Hummingbird Bird Feeder

humming bird feeder!

Vintage Glass Hummingbird Feeder
(Item #850281)

Has four flower feeding ports. Easy to clean base. Has a easy to fill wide mouth opening and has a 24 ounce nectar capacity. hang this feeder and enjoy hours of all the hummingbirds coming to feed.

Price:  US$24.99 


humming bird feeder!
Top Fill No Spill Hummingbird Feeder      Top Fill No Spill Hummingbird Feeder
(Item #850114)

Push-Pull technology for effortless refilling - just push, pour, then pull to lock. Easy fill wide mouth top and an advanced "sports bottle" like function to facillitate refilling the nectar. Bottle is made of glass, clear plastic reservoir. 16oz Capacity. Easy to clean with fewer parts.
Comes with 5.3oz package of nectar.
Price:  US$12.99 
Top Fill No Spill Hummingbird Feeder
Funnel Hummingbird Feeder      Funnel Hummingbird Feeder
(Item #850143)

You will never have to worry about spilling again with this patented Funnel-Fill Glass Hummingbird Feeder. The recessed bottom works as a funnel for precision pouring. After filling with nectar, simply replace the plug and invert the feeder to activate the feeding ports. Features include a durable glass container, 16 oz. nectar capacity, and 4 feeding ports. As an added bonus, there are nectar channels in the base that allow only the necessary amount of nectar to flow into the base, keeping the nectar fresher.
Price:  US$13.99 
Funnel Hummingbird Feeder
Rose Petal Hummingbird Feeder      Rose Petal Hummingbird Feeder
(Item #850131)

Attract hummingbirds to your yard with this Rose Petal Hummingbird Feeder, which features built-in perches. Four feeding ports attract multiple birds, and the feeder has a 19 oz. nectar capacity to reduce the need for frequent filling. The ant moat prevents ants from stealing nectar, and the bottle is shatterproof for durability.Decorative design offers an elegant look .
Price:  US$9.99 
Rose Petal Hummingbird Feeder
Hummingbird Feeder 30 ozHummingbird FeederHummingbird Feeders     
(Item #850239)

THE ORIGINAL! A classic-One of the first - still one of the best!!
This is the first design of the glass hummingbird feeder. Works Great! This hummingbird feeder features 6 feeding ports and a unique circular perch design. It holds a whopping 30 ounces of nectar!
Price:  US$19.99 
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humming bird feeder!

Strawberry Hummingbird Feeder
(Item #850280)

This Strawberry Style Hummingbird Feeder adds natural orchard colors to your garden, patio, or deck. The strawberry-shaped feeding bottle is made of durable, shatter-proof plastic and has a generous 48-ounce capacity. The feeder has a drip-resistant feeding base so nectar will not be wasted. There are 3 feeding stations, each with a charming flower accent to add interest and attract birds to the feeder.

Price:  US$12.99 


humming bird feeder!
Hummingbird Feeder 16 oz.     Hummingbird FeederHummingbird Feeder 16 oz.     
(Item #850112)

A classic! One of the first - still one of the best.
Users tell me that this one feeder brings more hummingbirds and keeps them better than any other that she has tried! Is it the glass - is it the flowers?
This glass feeder contains four feeding stations and holds 16oz. of nectar. Yes, it is dripless.
Price:  US$21.99 


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hummingbird feeder!       Hummingbird Feeder
(Item #850113)

Made of glass, this feeder holds 8 oz. of fluid and has 4 flower ports with bee guards and 4 perches for the birds to land. Removable feeding flowers and perches. Comes with hanger. No-drip feeder base.
Price:  US$16.99 
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Texas Shaped Hummingbird Feeder      Texas Shaped Hummingbird Feeder
(Item #850241)

Easy fill plastic container. Guaranteed not to drip. Designed to feed hummingbirds only. Red ABS plastic (non-metallic). Double full ring perch with 8 feeding stations. Has 8 bee protected feeding stations.
22 oz. Easy to fill and clean Texas Shape plastic container.
Price:  US$12.99 
divider between Texas Shaped Hummingbird Feeder
Humdinger Hummingbird Feeder       Humdinger Hummingbird Feeder
(Item #850184)

Easy fill glass container. Guaranteed not to drip. Designed to feed hummingbirds only. Red ABS plastic (non-metallic). Double full ring perch with 8 feeding stations. Easy to clean two piece feeder and 8 bee protected feeding stations.
Holds 32oz. of liquid.

hummingbird feeders hummingbird feeders
Price:  US$11.99 
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Humdinger Hummingbird Feeder      Humdinger Hummingbird Feeder
(Item #850225)

Easy fill large plastic container. Guaranteed not to drip. Designed to feed hummingbirds only. Red ABS plastic (non-metallic). Double full ring perch with 8 feeding stations. Easy to clean two piece feeder and 8 bee protected feeding stations. Holds 72oz. of liquid.
Price:  US$12.99 
Humdinger Hummingbird Feeder
HUMDINGER      "HUMDINGER" Instant Hummingbird Nectar
(Item #850183)

Made from sugar with safe red color *Specially formulated to keep it from lumping up *Makes 1 quart.
5.25oz Bag
Price:  US$2.89 
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