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Secret Life of Beer-Exposed      Secret Life of Beer-Exposed
(Item #972009)

Legends, lore and little known facts. Beer has inspired, influenced,and excited human beings for thousands of years.
Price:  US$10.99 
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The Home Brewer's Answer Book      The Home Brewer's Answer Book
(Item #980001)

Solutions to every problem, answers to every question. This book supplies practical easy-to-follow answers to the questions that bubble up frequently in the course of home-brewing. Fix the problems, understand the chemistry, and acheive the flavor and balance you want in all your craft beers.
Price:  US$14.95 
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North American Clone Brews      North American Clone Brews
(Item #980098)

Clone the best 150 beers in North America without leaving your kitchen! Each recipe comes complete with partial mash, all extract, and all grain instructions. 176 pages, 7 3/8 x 9 1/4 trim size, two-color.
Price:  US$14.95 


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The Complete Joy of Home Brewing      Book-- The Complete Joy of Home Brewing
(Item #690549)

Simple Easy to follow instuctions on getting your home brewery together, brewing exciting world-class styles of beer. Also includes a home brewers glossary.
Price:  US$11.00 
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Brewing Quality Beers      Brewing Quality Beers
(Item #890856)

This expanded, second edition includes detailed instructions for kegging draft beer at home.
Price:  US$9.99 


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Home Beermaking Book      Home Beermaking Book
(Item #690857)

71 Pages on making your own beer at home.
Price:  US$6.95 


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 Homebrewing Guide      Homebrewing Guide
(Item #980018)

357 pages on how to make your own beer from scratch just the way you like it.
Price:  US$18.95 


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Brewing Made Easy      Brewing Made Easy
(Item #980133)

Why Wait To Make Great Homebrew?  This book includes steps from brewing your first batch to creating new recipes.  Eigty-nine pages of easy to read directions and special illustrations.  Take the easy way out!
Price:  US$12.95 


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