Frog Trap Instructions


The bug attracting light is in the paper bag in one of the trap doors. You may need to insert the battery inside the battery holder making sure of the positive terminal. Unclip the clasp on the top of the trap and open the light cover so you can place the rechargable light inside the hole. Close the cover and rehook the clasp to keep the light from falling out. The light will begin to charge each day and attract bugs into the night. Float the trap with the light on the top. Make sure all the trap doors are down and free to move up when a frog pushes on it. You will want the frog trap to float well away from the shore so you will need twine to anchor it to two points on the shore to keep it in place and to retrieve it to remove the frogs. You can remove the frogs through any of the trap doors. Order the Frog Trap Here
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